Lick Observatory, within and without.

Eyepiece end of the 36-inch Clark refractor at Lick Observatory, in use during Volunteer Appreciation Night, 2008.

Acquainted with the Night — the 36-inch refractor at Lick Observatory

The “Moon Eyepiece” — original equipment on the 36-inch refractor at Lick Observatory, well over 100 years old. This eyepiece has a half-degree field, just large enough to encompass the full moon, hence its name.

The base of the pier of the 36-inch refractor at Lick Observatory, showing the tomb of James Lick.  We all hope that some night his ghost will show up walking the halls, so we can shake his hand, say “thank you,” and perhaps offer him a look through the telescopes.

Sunset view looking east from Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, 10 August 2008.  The shadow of the mountaintop is the dark triangle right of center.